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Dr James Covington



Associate Professor


School of Engineering
University of Warwick
Tel: +44(0)24 765 74494
WebLink: Bio-Medical Sensors Laboratory

Research Interests

Sensor and Sensor Systems for the detection of gasous phase bio-markers of disease

CMOS compatable chemical sensors (gas phase)

Micro-hot plate technologies.

Artifical Olfactory Systems (Electronic Noses).

Micro-fluidic devices (pumps, valves).

Bio-compatable/degradable materials for medical implants.

Micro-stereolithography for microfabrication.


Dr James Covington is a specialist in micro-systems, bio-chemical sensors and semiconductor devices. He has considerable experience in the field of micromachining, silicon fabrication, chemical sensor design and ASICs. For the last 15 years, he has been developing chemical and biological sensors for detecting a variety of environmental pollutants, biological agents and medical diseases. He has also been heavily involved in the design and development of micro-systems that mimic mammalian olfactory system.

He also heads the Biomedical Sensors Laboratory. This has brought together expertise from across the University to form a strong, long-term, collaborative activity between the Warwick Medical School, the School of Engineering and the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire (UHCW). The group is working collectively on developing novel point of care technology for the medical domain. Dr James Covington leads the work in this area within the School of Engineering. The Schools expertise here is in smell, specifically artificial olfaction (so called electronic noses). These instruments work on a similar principle to the human nose, identifying smells by their aroma instead of identifying all the chemical components. The team believe that such instruments could meet existing and emerging healthcare needs, and their long term vision is to develop a new generation of non-invasive, rapid, portable instruments that will detect a broad spectrum of ailments. Collaborative work is also being undertaken with the Rotherham General Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

He is also a key member of the MSL Micro-Stereolithography and Additive Manufacturing Suite. Here we are producing novel, functional materials for medical (tissue implants), micro-fluidic systems and MEMS systems.

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