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Dr Subhash Lakshminarayana

The project: Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Grids

Critical infrastructures (e.g., power grids, transportation systems etc.) are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks as evidenced in recent high-profile incidents such as the Black Energy attack against Ukraine's power grid. Such incidents could have severe consequences such as service outages and cascading failures. Thus, the security of these cyber-physical systems (CPSes) is of critical concern.

The proposed PhD project will apply machine learning, signal processing and control-theoretic algorithms for the secure and efficient design of CPSes. Candidates with a background in signal processing and/or wireless communications are also encouraged to apply. Application areas will include smart grids and urban transportation systems.

Successful candidates will conduct interdisciplinary research in the areas of security, machine learning, signal processing and control theory.

Note: Should your application for admission be accepted you should be aware that this does not constitute an offer of financial support. Please refer to the scholarships & funding pages.