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Dr Xianping Liu

  • Measurement and characterisation of surface and surface related properties in order to link the manufacturing processes with surface functions. It targets an area where the function-orientated surfaces/coatings are in demand.
  • Nanometrology and the measurement techniques in Nanotechnology
  • Developing high precision instruments (sensors and actuators) for Micro-Engineering and Nanotechnology.
  • Tribological study of surface materials/films/painting in precision mechanisms.
  • Quantify touch-feel perception of materials used in cars and other function-orientated applications.
  • Development of a large range multi-function tribological probe microscope (TPM) for mapping surface properties of nano-hardness, Young’s modulus, friction, topography and thermal conductivity. The large range TPM will be for mimicking human’s fingertip to measure the touch-feel sensation in relation to smooth/rough, sticky/slippery, hard/soft and warm/cold.
  • Study of bio-mimetic surfaces in terms of self-cleaning and anti-contamination.
  • Design and development of potable energy harvesting devices

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