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Dr Yunfei Chen


Energy Harvesting Cooperative Communications

Cooperative communications is enabled by the use of one or several relaying nodes. Traditionally, these relays must consume energy from their own power supply, which discourages their participation in relaying. In energy harvesting cooperative communications, the energy of the relay is either supplied by the source or the environment to solve this problem.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicular Communications

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have gained great popularity in recent years due to their low cost and high mobility. In communications applications, they are mainly used as either aerial base station or relay. For aerial base station, UAV can be used to either offload traffic during peak hours to help existing ground base station or replace existing ground base station when they do not work. For relay, UAV can extend the coverage area of existing networks to provide emergency communications for disaster-affected areas.


Signal Processing for Unified Radar and Communications

The unified radar and communications system has become increasingly important recently for two reasons. Firstly, due to the “spectrum scarcity” problem, more radar bands have been opened to allow spectrum sharing with other systems. Secondly, in autonomous driving and vehicular communications, it is important to both communicate information and sense the driving environment for efficient manoeuvres.

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