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Professor Andre van Veen

An overview over recent activities can be found on my google scholar profile

My current research interests cover the following topics:

  • Processing of renewable feedstocks/innovative transformation routes as first steps towards renewables supply chain and biorefinery
  • Development of cleaner chemical technologies, mainly focusing on multifunctional compact continuous reactors and multifunctional materials

We offer on a regular basis the possibility to work on PhD projects within the focus area of the group. Please contact me prior to any official applications in case of interest working in the group. Agreeing on potential subjects will greatly enhance your chance to succeed with your application.

Select publications in peer-reviewed jounals include:

M. Li, H. Amari, A.C. van Veen; "Metal-oxide interaction enhanced CO2 activation in methanation over ceria supported nickel nanocrystallites"; Appl. Catal. B-Environ. 239 (2018) 27-35.

M. Li, A.C. van Veen; "Tuning the catalytic performance of Ni-catalysed dry reforming of methane and carbon deposition via Ni-CeO2-x interaction"; Appl. Catal. B-Environ. 237 (2018) 641-648.

L. Tillmann, J. Schulwitz, A.C. van Veen, M. Muhler; “Dry reforming of methane at high pressure in a fixed-bed reactor with axial temperature profile determination”; Catal. Lett. 148 (2018) 2256–2262.

C. Mirodatos, A.C. van Veen, S.A. Pokrovskaya, N.A. Chumakova, N.N.Sazonova, V.A. Sadykov; “ Modeling of transient studies on the reaction kinetics over catalysts with lattice oxygen mobility: Dry reforming of CH4 over a Pt/PrCeZrO catalyst”; Chem. Eng. J. 343 (2018); p. 530-543.

T. Omojola, N. Cherkasov, A.I. McNab, D.B. Lukyanov, J.A. Anderson, E.V. Rebrov, A.C. van Veen; “Mechanistic Insights into the Desorption of Methanol and Dimethyl Ether Over ZSM-5 Catalysts”; Catal. Lett. 148 (2018) 474-488.

M. Li, A.C. van Veen; "Coupled reforming of methane to syngas (2H2-CO) over Mg-Al oxide supported Ni catalyst"; Appl. Catal. A-Gen. 550 (2018) 176-183.

F. Dhainaut, A.C. van Veen, S. Pietrzyk, P. Granger; "CH4 dissociation mechanisms on aged three-way natural gas vehicle Pd/Al2O3 Catalyst"; Top. Catal. 60 (2017) 295–299.

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M.N. Simonov, V.A. Sadykov, V.A. Rogov, A.S. Bobin, E.M. Sadovskaya, N.V. Mezentseva, A.V. Ishchenko, T.A. Krieger, A.-C. Roger, A.C. van Veen; "Ethanol selective oxidation into syngas over Pt-promoted fluorite-like oxide: SSITKA and pulse microcalorimetry study"; Catal. Today 278 (2016); p. 157–163.

V.A. Sadykov, O.V. Chub, Y.A. Chesalov, N.V. Mezentseva, S.N. Pavlova, M.V. Arapova, V.A. Rogov, M.N. Simonov, A.-C. Roger, K.V. Parkhomenko, A.C. van Veen; "Mechanism of ethanol steam reforming over Pt/(Ni+Ru)-promoted oxides by FTIRS In Situ"; Top. Catal. 59 (2016) 1332–1342.

Y. Renème, S. Pietrzyk, F. Dhainaut, M. Chaar, A.C. van Veen, P. Granger; “Reaction pathways involved in CH4 conversion on Pd/Al2O3 catalysts: TAP as a powerful tool for the elucidation of the effective role of the metal/support interface”; Frontiers in Chemistry 4 (2016); doi: 10.3389/fchem.2016.00007.

H. Newton, Q. Wang, S. Sundaram, A. van Veen, S. Kiesewalter, G. Kolb; “BIOGO: contributing to the transformation of the petrochemical industry through advances in nanocatalysts and reactor design”; Green Processing and Synthesis 4 (2015); p. 433-435.

S. Müller, Y. Liu, M. Vishnuvarthan, X. Sun, A.C. van Veen, G.L. Haller, M. Sanchez-Sanchez, J.A. Lercher; "Coke formation and deactivation pathways on H-ZSM-5 in the conversion of methanol to olefins"; J. Catal. 325 (2015) 48–59.

L.G. Pinaeva, E.M. Sadovskaya, Y.A. Ivanova, T.G. Kuznetsova, I.P. Prosvirin, V.A. Sadykov, Y. Schuurman, A.C. van Veen, C. Mirodatos; “Water gas shift and partial oxidation of CH4 over CeO2-ZrO2(-La2O3) and Pt/CeO2-ZrO2(-La2O3): Performance under transient conditions”; Chem. Eng. J. 257 (2014); p. 281-291.

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