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  • I encourage PhD applications by exceptional international (overseas) candidates to the Chancellor's International Scholarship, which covers overseas tuition for four years and a stipend for 3.5 years. There are 25 awarded per year across the university and they are highly competitive. Applications are due in January for starting the following October. Contact me if you are interested in including me as your proposed supervisor.
  • Externally-funded applicants to the PhD program are welcome. Contact me for more information. The university keeps a directory of scholarship information, and specific information for UK Research Council funding (you would most likely consider EPSRC). Eligible domestic students have a very good chance at securing funding.

Current Students

Student Degree Since Topic
Tolis Almpanis PhD 2018 Real-Time Behavioral Dynamics in Microscopic Populations with Noisy Signaling
Yuting Fang PhD (ANU) 2015 Cooperative Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)
Yiran Wang MPhil (ANU) 2016 Reactive Surfaces in Molecular Communication Systems (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)

Former Students

Student Degree Year Topic
Tobias Schwering MSc (IDC) 2016 Molecular Communication in Blood Vessels: A Stochastic Channel Modeling Approach (co-supervision with Robert Schober, Arman Ahmadzadeh, and Vahid Jamali)
Arman Ahmadzadeh MSc (IDC) 2013 Improving Range of Molecular Communication with Relays (co-supervision with Robert Schober)
Mokhtar Marzouk Bachelor (IDC) 2013 Distance Estimation for Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Robert Schober)

Contact Details

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+44 (0) 24 7657 4566

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