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Current Students

Student Degree Since Topic
Yuting Fang PhD (ANU) 2015 Cooperative Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)
Yiran Wang MPhil (ANU) 2016 Reactive Surfaces in Molecular Communication Systems (co-supervision with Jonas Yang)

Former Students

Student Degree Year Topic
Tobias Schwering MSc (IDC) 2016 Molecular Communication in Blood Vessels: A Stochastic Channel Modeling Approach (co-supervision with Robert Schober, Arman Ahmadzadeh, and Vahid Jamali)
Arman Ahmadzadeh MSc (IDC) 2013 Improving Range of Molecular Communication with Relays (co-supervision with Robert Schober)
Mokhtar Marzouk Bachelor (IDC) 2013 Distance Estimation for Molecular Communication (co-supervision with Robert Schober)

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