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Dr Ajit Mahendra



Research Fellow


School of Engineering,
Room No. F505,
University of Warwick,
Email : A.K.Mahendra

Research Interest

My research interests lie in computational fluid dynamics, kinetic theory, process diagnostics and optimization. I am postdoctoral research fellow in the fluid dynamics research group of Prof. Duncan Lockerby in research partnership (Daresbury Laboratory, STFC, and the Universities of Edinburgh and Warwick) to simulate micro and nano flows using Molecular Dynamics.

Latest blog and research.

Selected List of Codes Developed

  1. Jyamiti Tool : 3D solid modelling tool for complex geometries, also works as pre-processor for snappyHexMesh utility, Dakota (optimization code) with import features from Sketchup.

    blank.jpgms archris-mesh cyclone Jyamiti+snappyHexMesh blankSketchup + Jyamiti +snappyHexMeshblank.jpgJyamiti+OpenFOAM+Dakota
  2. SLKNS (Split Least Square Kinetic Upwind solver for Navier-Stokes Equations) CFD solver : Kinetic theory based meshless solver for Navier-Stokes equations with features to resolve slip and hypersonic flows.

    blank.jpgg2 merging_mesh slkns_sol ac.jpgSLKNS code : Merging body (local) mesh with background (global) mesh and solving kinetic upwind equations on cloud of points. (Refer : arXiv:1308.4119v2 for details on the kinetic method and paper in Computers & Fluids for details on meshless method.)blank.jpg
  3. MOO (Multi-Objective Optimization) tool : Multi-objective optimization routine using Multi-Simplex, Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithm with Pareto and L-P metric strategy. (Refer: Paper 1 and Paper 2 for further details on the multi-objective optimization with Pareto and L-P metric strategy.)

  4. Contention free communication scheduler for domain-decomposition : Contention free optimized communication scheduler for parallel computing based on domain decomposition.
    blank.jpgm1 domain_decomposed o2blank.jpg7 cycles of contention free communication for 8 decomposed domains optimized to 5 cycles.

  5. CHBPN (Recurrent Neural Network) code : Backpropagation neural network for inputs with space-time structures for mapping and sequence processing tasks (similar to pattern recognition and Kalman filtering).

  6. CAT (Computer Assisted Tomography) code : Fast, limited data (scans) image reconstruction algorithm and code for attenuation based CAT (Computer Assisted Tomography) systems.blank.jpgcat

Selected Publications (Journal, Books, pre-print)

  1. Mahendra AK, Singh RK (2013) Onsager reciprocity principle for kinetic models and kinetic schemes. arXiv:1308.4119v2 [physics.flu-dyn], ICMMES-2013, Oxford, UK, pp. 1:50, 2013.
  2. Banerjee I, Mahendra AK, Bera TK, Chandresh BG (2012) A mesh free moving node method to analyze flow through spirals of orbiting scroll pump. WASET, 68, pp. 1872-1878.

  3. Chatterjee M, Mahendra AK , Sanyal A, Gouthaman G (2012) A mesh free method for simulations on incompressible fluid flow., Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, 83(4), pp. 385-402.

  4. Sashi Kumar GN, Mahendra AK, Gouthaman G (2012) Understanding the Compatibility of Thermal Mass Flow Meter with Various Process Gases, Journal of Chemical Engineering and Process Technology, doi:10.4172/2157-7048.S1-002.

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