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Journal publications

Under Review (*Corresponding author)

  • P. Leung, D. Alli, Q. Xu, A.A. Shah*, Rechargeable organic-air redox flow batteries based on low-cost materials, under review
  • P. Kamnerdkhag, M.L. Free, A.A. Shah, A. Rodchanarowan*, Pulsed Current Co-electrodeposition of KesteriteCu2ZnSnS4Absorber Material on Fluorinated Tin Oxide (FTO) Glass under Galvanostatic Conditions, under review
  • C. Gadd, W.W. Xing, M. Mousavi Nezhad, A.A. Shah*, A surrogate modelling approach based on nonlinear dimension reduction for uncertainty quantification in groundwater flow models, under review
  • C. Gadd*, S. Wade, A.A. Shah, Ensemble learning for Gaussian process latent variable models, under review
  • M. Krishna, R.G. Wills*, A.A. Shah, D. Hall, J.Collins, The Separator-Divided Soluble Lead Flow Battery, under review

Published or in press (*Corresponding author)

  1. V. Triantafyllidis, W.W. Xing, P.K. Leung, A. Rodchanarowan and A.A. Shah* (2018), A probabilistic global sensitivity analysis framework using multivariate Gaussian process emulators with applications to lithium-ion batteries, IOP Conference Series, accepted
  2. P. Leung, A. Khor, M.R. Mohamed, C. Flox, Q. Xu, L. An, R. Wills, J. Morante, A.A. Shah* (2018), Review of Zinc-Based Hybrid Flow Batteries: From Fundamentals to Applications, Materials Today Energy, in press
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    doi: 10.1109/ICSENS.2017.8233907
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