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Strength Monitoring Using Thermal Imaging

  • The use of thermal imaging techniques to monitor early strength of shotcrete is subject to UK patent application 1312750.1.
  • If you are interesting in using SMUTI on your site, contact Benoit Jones.

The benefits to using SMUTI are:

  • The compressive strength may be determined in real time.
  • The compressive strength of the whole lining, including the crown, may be determined. All other tests are very local tests, and if you wanted to test the crown, a scaffold or a MEWP would be needed.
  • The compressive strength may be determined from a safe distance without needing to enter the face where there is a risk of falls of ground or green shotcrete.
  • SMUTI is non-destructive, so no repair work is required.
  • SMUTI does not introduce additional risks, unlike traditional methods (coring, Hilti nail gun tests).
  • SMUTI does not produce any waste. Hilti nail gun cartridges are classified as hazardous waste.