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Dr Behrouz Zafari

Visiting Academic

Dr Behrouz Zafari is currently employed within the Department of Civil Engineering at Kingston University. He is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Civil Engineering, and a Lecturer in Structural Engineering and Construction Management. Prior to joining Kingston he was a Research Fellow/Part-time Lecturer in the Civil Research Group, at the University of Warwick where he completed his PhD. His PhD research project aimed to engineer the Structural analysis and Design of the Startlink Lightweight Building System that is the first all fibre reinforced polymer building for a code level 6 (zero carbon) house unit. Startlink project was sponsored by the UK Government and Industrial Partners. In parallel with his structural engineering research for the Startlink project there was fundamental research on the determination of pin-bearing strength for the design of the bolted connections.

Behrouz received his First Class BSc degree in Civil Engineering from his Home country (Iran). After eight years of experience in different aspects of Civil Engineering he moved to London. He obtained his MSc in Civil Engineering Structures from City University London in 2008, with the dissertation on Plastic Analysis of Stiffened Plates.

He has been working on several EPSRC and TSB projects including "Connections and Joints for Building and Bridges of Fibre Reinforced Polymer". His research interests include Pultruded Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (PFRP) structures, novel methods of connection with FRP materials and low impact building systems.


ES429 Advanced Structural Engineering (Masters-level module)

Design and Analysis for Steel-Concrete Composite Structures


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Behrouz Vafari

School of Engineering
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

B dot Zafari at warwick dot ac dot uk