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The Development Technology Unit

The DTU is a research unit within the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick whose aim is to research and promote sustainable technologies appropriate for application in low-income countries. We are particularly concerned with the development and transfer of technologies appropriate to rural areas of tropical countries and also study "bottom up" industrialisation in those countries.

The DTU complements the Appropriate Technology M.Eng courses offered by Warwick University, the DTU has been engaged in highly varied research in the broad fields of development and intermediate technology.

The DTU conducts its own research programmes and also works in collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), aid agencies, government bodies, private enterprise and private individuals in a about 20 countries. We are always interested to hear from prospective partners particularly those institutes specialising in impact studies (economic/ social/ gender/ micro-enterprise) of new technology in their own country, potential manufacturers of rural development equipment and NGOs engaged in promoting income-generating measures.

A number of post-graduate students are currently working with the DTU on PhD and MSc-by-research programmes. Enquiries from potential future research students are welcomed and should be addressed to Dr. Terry Thomas in the first instance at the email address below.

For further information about the DTU or any of the areas covered in the following pages please contact us.

Our email address is:

Fax Number: +44 24 7641 8922;

Telephone Number: +44 24 7652 3122 or +44 24 7652 2339

Our Address is:
Development Technology Unit,
School of Engineering,
University of Warwick,
Coventry, CV4 7AL,