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Goodness and evil of human nature makes us happy and sad - do not cry For Help to the 'system' as it is weaker than us!


  • Global Issues

    1. Global warming is for real - have we gone too far already?

    2. Save Africa – hard to decide where to begin: 'hungry children' or 'corrupt' processes?

  • Philosophical

    • Due to the natural duality within today's human minds we are encouraged by blind folded policy makers to work harder than ever for a new 'evolution' within the human race – let us try to put 'technology abuse' on hold!

    • Democracy is used extensively for implementing different plans. In real term it resides in people's mind not just in a polling box. Considering that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ then under so much deprivation, shortages and continuous corruptive process in the dark-age style commercial world one should not wonder why our democracy does not work in disturbed societies.

    • Simple caclulations:

„¤ ‘one stone’ + ‘one stone’ = ‘two stones’

„¤ ‘one man’ + ‘one man’ < ‘two men’

„¤ ‘one hour job’ + ‘one hour job’ > ‘‘two hour job’

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