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Teaching and Supervision


Professor Guymer is involved in teaching/supervising:

ES3D5 Water Engineering for Civil Engineers

ES327 Projects

ES4D6 River Mixing

ES410 Group Project

Current PhD Research Supervision

2015 Amr Abbas El-Zehairy "Integrated fully coupled 3-D model for Groundwater–surface water interaction"

2015 Nathan Wilson "Vertical mixing beneath floating vegetation"

Completed PhD Theses (Last ten years)

West, P 2016 Quantifying solute mixing across low velocity emergent real vegetation shear layers
Jimoh, M 2015 Solute Mixing due to Square Manholes
Sonnenwald, A 2014 Identifying the fundamental retention time distribution of urban drainage structures (joint with Dr V. Stovin, University of Sheffield)
King, A 2014 Interactions between river bed morphology, water chemistry and microbial diversity and its impact on pollutant biodegradation (joint with Dr J.M Pearson & Dr G. Bending)
Hover, E 2014 Laboratory simulation of field tube sampling using transparent soil, glass tubes and particle image velocimetry (joint with Dr Qing Ni)
Hart, J 2013 Longitudinal Dispersion in low Reynolds number pipe flows
Bennett, P 2012 Evaluation of the Solute Transport Characteristics of Surcharged Manholes using a RANS solution (joint with Dr V.R. Stovin)
Chandler, I 2012 Vertical Variation in Diffusion Coefficient within Sediments
Jones, A 2011 Solute Dispersion across Manholes under Time-Varying Flow Conditions
Tiev, V 2011 Effects of Vegetation on Pond Retention Times
Shucksmith, J 2008 Effects of Vegetation on Flow and Solute Mixing in Channels
Lau, S.T 2008 Scaling Dispersion processes in Surcharged Manholes