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Structural Health Monitoring

Structural health monitoring is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering thatresearch-2.jpg has the potential to improve decision making through the use of measurements. Recent developments in sensing technology and data-acquisition systems enable engineers to deploy dense sensor arrays for infrastructure monitoring at an affordable cost. The monitoring of infrastructure has become more and more common and the number of infrastructure that are continuously monitored is increasing. The bottleneck is data interpretation and this task is even more challenging in the presence of environmental effects such as variations in humidity, wind and temperature. My research activities aim to address this challenge. It involves structural identification, damage detection and
measurement system design

Research Grants

  • 2018: ENHANCE - Enabling Humanitarian Attributes for Nurturing Community-based Engineering, Erasmus + project. Value: 1 million euro), Investigator: Dr G. Kremmyda (PI), Prof T. Mottram, Dr V. Degirmenci and Dr I. Laory
  • 2017: Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). Value £120k. This grant is to fund 4 years doctoral study of Mr Pamuncak starts in May 2017.
  • 2016: "Towards sustainable infrastructure through structural health monitoring: centre for intelligent infrastructure", Institutional Links Grant (Newton Fund), British Council. Value £67.7k. Investigator: Dr I. Laory and Prof B. Budiono
  • 2015: "Temperature-based structural health monitoring for civil infrastructure", Warwick Impact Fund, University of Warwick. Value: £28.3k . Investigator: Dr I.Laory
  • 2015: The British Council Indonesia Second City Partnership Travel Grant, British Council. Value: £3k. Investigator: Dr I.Laory
  • 2014: "Towards sustainable civil infrastructure through structural health monitoring using advance computing methods", International Partnership Fund, University of Warwick. Value: £10k. Investigator: Dr I.Laory and Prof B. Budiono
  • 2014: "Experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of humans on flexible structures", Monash-Warwick Alliance Seed Fund. Value: £20k. Investigators: Dr C. Caprani, Dr S. Zivanovic, Dr N. D. Evans, Dr Y. Bai and Dr I. Laory.
  • 2013: "Dynamic properties and damage identification of partially cracked reinforced concrete structures", Research Development Fund (Strategic Awards), University of Warwick. Value: £22.5k, in-kind contribution by ARUP £10k. Investigators: Dr S. Zivanovic, Dr B. D. Jones, Dr I. Laory and Prof. R. P. Johnson.
  • 2013: "Mobile sensing for structural health monitoring", Sustainable cities GRP Fund, University of Warwick. Value £1.6k. Investigator: Dr I. Laory