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Please Note: There are NO opportunities for internships as such schemes do not fit at all well with our academic year as they fall right in the middle of examinations and marking. Also, there is no funding for such a placement here.

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For the Mathematicians out there:

Erdös Number = 6 (Mark S Leeson -> Ioan Grosu -> E. Atlee Jackson -> Alfred W. Hübler -> Michael Baym -> Douglas B. West -> Paul Erdős)

Less formal route = 4 (Mark S Leeson -> Sadie Creese -> A. W. Roscoe -> Mary Ellen Rudin -> P. Erdös)

Research Interests

Mark is a member of the ComSys Laboratory.

His current major research interests are:

Communication Systems

Optical Wireless, Optical Networks, Coding Schemes, Modulation Formats, Emergent Behaviour, Body Area Networks, Biomimetic Approaches, Applications of Machine Learning.

Nanoscale Communications

Communication between nanoscale devices is an exciting area of great interest in which I was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship.

Network Coding

An exciting EPSRC project (EP/F033591/1 Network Coding via Evolutionary Algorithms) produced some interesting and significant results [Hu et al., Computers and Operations Research, 39(5), 952-963, 2012].

Complex Systems

The EU Outgoing International Fellowship Project (PIOF-GA-2011299725), Integrated Risk Governance via Spatial Complexity Inspired Models and Algorithms (IRGSCIMA) (Engineering web page) supported Dr Xiaobing Hu working with the State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology at Beijing Normal University.

Current Research Supervision 

PhD -First Supervisor

Name Project Year Second Supervisor Funding
A Umar Underwater Optical Wireless Communications for Nigeria's Oil and Gas Industry 2nd N/A Petroleum Technology Development Fund
L Zhang Body Area Networking 3rd N/A Self/School of Engineering


PhD -Second Supervisor 

Name Project First supervisor Year Funding
W Hu Optical Receiver Optimisation

Dr T Xu

1st Self/School of Engineering
M Phillpott Mathematical Modelling for Clinical Outcome Prediction in Kidney Transplantation

Dr N Khovanova

1st University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire/School of Engineering


Previous Research Supervision as First Supervisor (and as Second Supervisor)

Student Degree Year Thesis
Baohua (Edward) Shao PhD Awaiting Graduation

Predictive Smart Relaying Schemes for Decentralized Wireless Systems

Zichao (Enzo) Rong PhD 2019

Terahertz Communications at the Nanoscale

Jennifer Jackson PhD 2018

A Biodiversity Approach to Cyber Security

Yangzhe (Roy) Liao PhD 2017

System Design and Performance Analysis of Wireless Body Area Networks

Chenyao Bai PhD 2016 Error Control in Bacterial Quorum Communications
Alaa Al Sebae PhD 2016 Network Coding for Computer Networking
Tony Mo PhD 2015 Deterministic Ethernet for Safety Critical Applications
Joe Yu PhD 2014 Urban VANET Performance Optimisation
Lalith Karunarathne PhD 2013 Network Coding via Evolutionary Algorithms
Ade Awoye PhD 2013 Predistortion as a Cost-Effective Means to Tackle Nonlinearity in Radio over Fibre Links
Hüseyin Kusetoğullari PhD 2012 Network Routing Optimization and Effective Multimedia Transmision to Enhance QoS in Communication Networks
Shaobo Sun* PhD 2011 Coding and Modulation for Spectral Slicing
Kai Cui+ PhD 2010 Performance Enhancing Codes for Spectral Amplitude O-CDMA
Pingfan Wang MPhil 2007 Optimization of AP Placement and Channel Assignment in Wireless LANs
Ioannis Pavlosoglou PhD 2006 Emergence in the Security of Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Ridha Rejeb PhD 2006 Fault and Attack Management in All-Optical Networks
Lei Xue PhD 2005 Internet Connection Method for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Dimitrios Delivasilis PhD 2004 Data Security for Third Generation Telecommunication Systems
Mike Handley PhD 2002 Dynamic Wavelength Assignment in WDM Passive Optical Networks
Yousif Jamro PhD 2001 Wavelength Conversion Technologies for All-Optical WDM Networks

*Winner of 2005 IET MSc Prize

+Winner of 2009 National Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Chinese Students Study Abroad by the China Scholarship Council 


Research Opportunities

As one of the UK's premier research-led universities Warwick has access to some funding mechanisms for students from all over the World but competition is tough and early application is advised.

If you are interested in researching for a PhD in the areas above please contact me:

School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom
(Tel: +44 24 7652 3908 +44 24 7652 3908 )