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Vacancies (PhD/PostDoc)

PhD Research

If you are interested in conducting research under the supervision of Dr Khovanova, you are invited to contact her to discuss research topic of interest. If you do not have funding already secured, the University of Warwick offers a number of scholarships to undertake PhD degree.

For information about funding opportunities please visit the following websites -

Research Councils (PhD funding for home and overseas applicants)

Warwick University Chancellor's Scholaships

Warwick Collaborative Postgraduate Research Scholaships

Currently application is open for a fully funded PhD positions in Mathematical modelling for clinical outcome prediction in kidney transplantation

Post-doctoral Research

If you hold a PhD degree, or you are close to completion date, and you are interested in conducting post-doctoral research with Dr Khovanova, feel free to contact her and discuss opportunities. Every year, there are competitions for post-doctoral fellowships both internally (University of Warwick) and externally (e.g. European funding schemes).