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Dr Phil Purnell

  • Dr Purnell is now a Reader at Leeds University: 

  • Research: Durability of fibre-reinforced concrete and other composites; novel processing of cement composites including using super-critical carbon dioxide; novel applications for cement-type materials; biocements; novel non-destructive evaluation methods for concrete. more...
  • Teaching: Y1 Technological Science (ES180) Concepts, Levelling Lab.; Y3 Civil Engineering Materials (ES3A5): Y1 Design for Function (ES174) STRAP Lab; Y4 Radiaoctive Waste Mgt. Group Design Project (ES410) with NDA. Previous tasks: Y3 Civ Eng Mechanics; Y4 Life Cycle Assessment.
    • Office hours: 1130-1230 Tue, Thu.
    • Admin: 3rd Year Project Coordinator (ES327/3B7/4B8, ES3B1); Technological Science (ES180) Module Leader; SoE RAE Website Management.
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