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Dr Richard Lillington

Principal Teaching Fellow | Discipline Degree Leader for Mechanical Engineering

Contact via e-mail on : r dot lillington at warwick dot ac dot uk , or telephone on 02476 524 828

Discipline Degree Leader (DDL) - Mechanical Engineering Stream

In my role as Discipline Degree Leader for Mechanical Engineering I have many responsibilities for syllabus and curriculum development. All Warwick Engineering undergraduate students undertake a common element to the early part of their degree (it is a unified (general) course). This is perhaps the key feature of a Warwick Engineering degree, and we strongly believe that it gives our graduates an exceptional ability to communicate and be effective in all sorts of environments. In the modern, multi-disciplinary world, this is a real strength.

A key part of my role as DDL for the Mechanical Stream is in developing the curriculum such that it both meets the needs of a modern Mechanical Engineer, and also provides engineers in other streams the right level of exposure to key mechanical concepts during the general part of their degree, so that in future they can effectively engage with mechanical specialists in their team. As part of the role I also have specific responsibilities for the continuous improvement of Teaching Quality within the stream throughout the degree.

Teaching Interests

I have expertise in instrument systems, measurement, and control, all gained from many years' industrial experience in this area. My teaching centres around 'Systems Thinking' and the integration of mechanical and electrical systems to solve complicated problems and effect control in a simple and robust way. Measurement is often key to this. I also do much laboratory work with undergraduate students to develop their practical skills. In terms of future teaching I am currently researching masters level material to support a possible Gas Turbine Equipment module.

Research Interests

I have particular interest in fuel systems engineering for automotive and aerospace applications, and the associated instrumentation and control techniques. I am also interested in non-contact and intrinsic measurement systems of all types.


As part of my teaching role I aim to bring significant industrial relevance to learning opportunities offered within the school, this being based on experiences from my many years working in industry. I would also like to help develop engagement mechanisms between the school and relevant industries, the aim being to provide additional student enrichment and industrial context for their engineering studies, and also learn from industry about specific critical skill requirements.

Professional Affiliations

I am an active member of both the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Physics and am both a chartered engineer (CEng) and a chartered physicist (CPhys). I work with the institutes on individual membership matters (CEng panels) and institutional matters (university degree accreditation).

Dr Richard Lillington