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Gait Lab

The Gait Lab is run jointly between the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics. It was funded by the Birmingham Science City infrastructure award. The lab is equipped with the Vicon motion capture system that has capability of monitoring human movement and ground reaction forces. This is achieved by using a system of cameras to track reflective markers attached to the human body. In addition, a force plate is used for direct measurement of ground reaction forces induced by various human activities.

This state-of-the-art system enables detailed studies of kinetics and kinematics of the human gait, quantification of capability of people to synchronise their actions, as well as quantification of human interaction with lively structures. Figure 1 shows the Gait Lab layout, Figure 2 a test subject instrumented with reflective markers within the Gait Lab while Figure 3 presents an instrumented test subject crossing the Warwick Bridge.