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The Warwick Bridge

The Warwick Bridge (Figure 1a) is an experimental structure situated on the Strong Floor of the Structures Laboratory at the School of Engineering. The bridge is a unique laboratory structure that exhibits excessive vibration in the vertical direction (refer to the video in Figure 1b) making it an ideal facility for studying human-structure interaction, vibration mitigation and control as well as a benchmark structure for evaluating the system or force identification algorithms. The bridge has been built in January 2012 within the project Pedestrian Interaction with Lively Low-Frequency Structures funded by EPSRC. Within these pages, you can find more technical information about the structure:

If you are interested in research collaboration and using the facility please contact Dr Stana Živanović.

Fig. 1a: Deck view. Fig. 1b: Side view of vibration due to walking excitation.