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Design and Construction

The Warwick Bridge is an experimental structure situated on the Strong Floor of the Structures Laboratory at the School of Engineering. A composite (steel-concrete) cross section is composed of two steel I-profiles and a 19.9m long and 2m wide reinforced concrete deck (Figure 1). The bridge has been designed to be extremely lively under human-induced dynamic loading, and therefore to provide a unique platform for studying human-interaction with wobbly low-frequency structures. The span length of the bridge is adjustable between 15 and 19m. The current span is 16.2m. Recent tests show that the fundamental vertical bending mode of vibration on this span has a natural frequency of 2.5Hz and damping ratio of about 0.5%.

The bridge has been built in January 2012 within the project Pedestrian Interaction with Lively Low-Frequency Structures funded by EPSRC. Figure 2 depicts various stages during construction.