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ESM 2012 Conference in Aalborg

Research student Mr Hiep Vu Dang took part in the Expert Scientific Meeting (ESM) held in Aalborg, Denmark on 1-4 August 2012. The remit of this biennial conference, established more than 20 years ago, is research into dynamic load distribution in human body. Attendees were from different backgrounds including academia, software developers, medical researchers, and health advisors.

Hiep presented his work on evaluating feasibility of modelling interaction between pedestrians and lively structures through combining biomechanical models of human walking and structural dynamics knowledge (Figure 1). His talk was entitled "Investigation of Human-Structure
Dynamic Interaction using Biomechanical Model". During the conference Hiep joined a tour around the biomechanics labs at the University of Aalborg where he got insight into the research into loading distribution in the human body from biomechanical and medical perspective, complementing his research experience in structural engineering context. The conference was also an ideal opportunity for networking and sightseeing (Figure 2).

Hiep's participation in the conference was sponsored by EPSRC and the School of Engineering.

Figure 1: Hiep's presentation at ESM 2012.
Figure 2: Networking and sightseeing.