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RASD 2013 Conference in Pisa

In July of 2013, PhD student Madison McDonald attended the 11th International Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics conference (RASD 2013) in Pisa, Italy. The conference was hosted by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research from the University of Southampton and the University of Pisa. The purpose of the conference was the discussion of theoretical, numerical and experimental advances in structural dynamics and their application in all manners of dynamic systems. As a consequence, there was a wide range of backgrounds and topics included within the conference. It was extremely interesting to be presented with similar problems analysed from different perspective.

Madison presented her paper entitled "Measuring Dynamic Force of a Jumping Person by Monitoring their Body Kinematics’. The body of work detailed a method of calculating dynamic forces whilst monitoring a single point on the subject’s body.

Whilst in Pisa Madison completed the obligatory visit to the Leaning Tower (see Figure 1), and visited the University’s Botanical gardens. The latter was incredible, founded in 1543 it is the oldest University Botanical garden in Europe.

The attendance to the conference was funded by the School of Engineering and the EPSRC.

Pisa tower
Figure 1: Leaning Tower of Pisa.