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Links with Spanish Universities

In March 2010 Dr Stana Zivanovic visited three Spanish universities: The School of Industrial Engineering in Ciudad Real (University of Castilla-La Mancha), the Cartif foundation and the School of Industrial Engineering at the University of Valladolid and the Department of Construction and Engineering Manufacturing in Gijón (University of Oviedo). The four sides discussed their research work, experimental facilities and teaching organisation with the view of establishing collaboration in the area of structural dynamics. Initial talks for establishing Erasmus agreement between the Warwick School of Engineering and the Spanish counterparts were also held.

Stana delivered four presentations entitled Vibration serviceability: a decade after the Millennium Bridge sway during her five day visit, explaining her research work and current state of vibration serviceability research. She also presented teaching and research profile of the School of Engineering and the Civil Research Group. Stana's visit to Spain was supported by Santander-Abbey Research Grant Fund and the three host universities.

In wind tunnelIn the wind tunnel in Gijón: Stana with Jesús de Sebastián Sanz (Cartif),
Iván Muñoz Díaz (UCLM), José Luis Zapico Valle (University of Oviedo)
and Carlos Casado (Cartif).