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24 Jan 2019: Dr Zivanovic has recently moved to the University of Exeter.

25 Jun 2018: The final workshop on Dynamics of FRP Structures project was held on 22 Jun 2018 at the University of Warwick. Of the 26 attendees, half were from industry with other half from universities. The workshop programme included talks about use of FRP composites in structural engineering, developing design guidelines, industry's take on challenges in design against dynamic actions, and project outputs on the dynamic properties of footbridges made of FRPs. There was also information and discussion about the vibration performance under human and train buffeting actions and design of an unconventional and intentionally lively footbridge made of pultruded FRP shapes.

In addition, a successful day was rounded with a visit to the Lab - this provided an opportunity to walk over a brand-new FRP footbridge, and experience (and take a view on) the bridge liveliness.

10 Dec. 2016: Our team, in collaboration with IUAV Venice and TU Delft, have recently tested three FRP bridges in Italy and the Netherlands, to determine their dynamic properties and vibration performance. This research is a part of an EPSRC-funded project that aims to advance our understanding of dynamics of FRP structures and it will pave the way towards exploiting economic, architectural and engineering merits of FRP components/structures in civil engineering works.

28 Jul. 2016: We are organising two special sessions at the international conference IMAC 2017 to be held at Garden Grove, California, USA from 30 Jan. to 2 Feb. 2017. More information about the sessions can be found in the related flyers: Human-Induced Vibration and Vibration Serviceability: Beyond Human-Induced Vibration. We look forward to meeting you there.

03 Dec. 2015: Madi McDonald successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled Experimental Characterisation of Jumping and Bobbing Actions for Individuals and Small Groups. Congratulations to Madi, and best wishes for her future career.

01 Nov. 2015: Dr Zivanovic delivered a keynote lecture entitled "Modelling human actions on lightweight structures: experimental and numerical developments" at the 6th international conference EVACES held in Dübendorf (Switzerland) from 19 to 21 October and gave a talk entitled "Pedestrian interaction with low-frequency footbridge structures" at Politecnico di Milano on 29 Oct 2015.

01 Mar. 2015: EPSRC has recently awarded a research grant to Dr Zivanovic and Prof. Mottram. The 36-month project is entitled "Characterising dynamic performance of fibre reinforced polymer structures for resilience and sustainability", and it includes collaborations with industrial and academic partners: Larkfleet Homes, Network Rail, Optima Projects Ltd., Sinclair Knight Merz (Europe) Ltd. (Jacobs), Swiss Fed Labs of Material Sci Tech EMPA, the University Iuav of Venice and the University of Exeter.

20 Dec. 2014: With financial support of the Monash-Warwick Alliance, the Warwick-Monash research team held a seminar on Human-Induced Vibrations and Human-Structure Interaction, with guest speakers from Mott MacDonald, University of Nottingham and University of Sheffield. The seminar was attended by researchers and practitioners and resulted in interesting discussions and developing collaborative links.

02 May 2014: Our research team has been awarded a Warwick-Monash Alliance Seed Fund award to establish research collaboration with Monash University. We are looking forward to joining the expertise of the two teams in advancing research into human-structure dynamic interaction. As part of this research, we held a joint seminar at Monash University on 10 Apr 2014.

19 Dec. 2013: Dr Zivanovic has been awarded a grant for research into developing eco-friendly concrete with improved dynamic performance. The project is funded by a Warwick Alumni donation.

25 Sep. 2013: A 7-strong research team from KU Leuven (Belgium) visited the Humans & Structures Laboratory from 16 to 20 September. Within the collaborative work, a series of experiments on the Warwick Bridge was performed with the aim to characterise human loading, structural response and the interaction between the two. A lab-intensive week resulted in a set of valuable experimental data and a lot of smiles. We are looking forward to bringing this collaboration to the next level.

14 Sep. 2013: Dr Zivanovic gave a presentation at the International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICOVP 2013) on modelling pedestrian locomotion over lively surfaces. The conference was held in Lisbon from 9 to 12 September.

30 Jul. 2013: Dr Zivanovic, in collaboration with Dr Jones, Dr Laory, Prof. Johnson and ARUP, has been awarded funding for a research project entitled "Dynamic properties and damage identification of partially cracked reinforced concrete structures". The funding to conduct a multidisciplinary research into properties of cracked concrete was secured from the Research Development Fund at the University of Warwick.

24 Apr. 2013: Dr Zivanovic took part in a workshop aimed at setting up an Urban Observatory in New York City. The workshop took place at the Center for Urban Science and Progress in New York, from 16 to 18 April 2013.

20 Mar. 2013: PhD student Madison McDonald won the best poster prize at the School's 1st PG Symposium held on 18 Mar 2013. Well done Madi!

18 Feb 2013: Dr Zivanovic delivered a talk on "Humans and slender structures: dynamic loading and interaction" at Princeton University, USA, on 15 Feb 2013. She visited "The structural health monitoring lab" and discussed opportunities for joint research with Dr Branko Glisic.

18 Feb. 2013: Dr Zivanovic chaired a session on "Human-induced vibrations of civil structures" at IMAC XXXI conference with Dr Vitomir Racic of the University of Sheffield. The conference was held in Orange County, California, USA, 11-14 February. Dr Zivanovic also presented the work on design and construction of the lively Warwick Bridge.

09 Jan. 2013: The University of Warwick awarded a grant to Dr Karavasilis, Dr Zivanovic and Prof. Johnson to conduct research on "Integration of smart structural design, passive control and damage detection to achieve sustainable and resilient highway/railway bridge infrastructure".