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Ali Vasalo Belver


Dr Ali Vasallo Belver graduated from the University of Valladolid in 2004 with a First Class Honours degree in Industrial Engineering with the specialization in Theory of Structures and Industrial Constructions. After this, he worked in the School of Industrial Engineering, University of Valladolid, as assistant lecturer and took part in the development of the research project “New tools for analysis and design of slender structures under wind loads”. He completed his PhD Thesis in 2009 in the field of vortex-induced vibrations of structures. His PhD thesis, entitled “Analysis of aeroelastic vibrations of slender structures subjected to wind action” presents a simplified numerical method for the fluid-structure interaction analysis of line slender structures subjected to the action of the wind.

Together with his activities in the University of Valladolid as Associate Professor of Industrial Constructions and Strength of Materials, he is employed as Researcher in the Structural Design Group at Cartif Technological Centre, focusing on the analysis of vibrations of slender structures and design of mitigation devices. Several projects have been developed in the group related to the vibrations of industrial equipment and also to oscillations in civil slender structures, such as large viaduct piers, industrial chimneys and pedestrian bridges.

Dr Vasallo Belver was appointed a Visiting Fellow at the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick during 1 Jun - 31 Aug 2011, with the financial support from “ADE Inversiones y Servicios” Research Grant. During his stay in the School he made a presentation on his research works on vortex induced vibrations in slender structures and also promoted Cartif Technology Centre. He took part in collaborative research with Dr Stana Zivanovic on dynamic analysis of a lively staircase structure. The results of this work were presented at IMAC-XXX conference in the USA in 2012. This is to be followed by a collaborative project on discomfort evaluation on lively footbridges with pavements of different hardness.

Research Interests

  • Numerical simulations of fluid-structure interaction problems
  • Vortex-induced vibrations of slender structures
  • Wind loads and interference effects
  • Dynamic analysis

Selected Publications

  • Belver, A. V., Iban, A. L. and Rossi. R. (In Press) Lock-in and Drag Amplification Effects in Slender Line-Like Structures Through CFD. Wind Struct.
  • Belver, A. V., Iban, A. L. and Lavín Martín, C. E. (2012) Coupling Between Structural and Fluid Dynamic Problems Applied to Vortex Shedding in a 90 m Steel Chimney. J. Wind Eng. Ind. Aerod., 100 (1), 30-37.
  • Belver, A. V. and Iban, A. L. (2011) Interference Effects for Two Particular Reinforced Concrete Chimneys. CICIND REPORT, International Committee on Industrial Chimneys, 27 (2), 123-132.
  • Belver, A. V., Mediavilla, A. F., Iban, A. L. and Rossi. R. (2010) Fluid-Structure Coupling Analysis and Simulation of a Slender Composite Beam. Sci. Eng. Compos. Mater., 17 (1), 47-77.
  • Mediavilla, A. F., Garcia, J. A. G and Belver, A. V. (2007)One-Dimensional Model for the Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Beams. Rev. Int. Metod. Numer., 23 (2), 225-242.

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    Ali Vasalo Belver

    Dr Ali Vasalo Belver

    alivas at cartif dot es