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Hiep Vu Dang


Hiep Dang completed his BSc in Civil and Structural Engineering at National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2007. After this, he worked for one year in a structural engineering consultant firm, taking part in designs of apartments and mixed-use buildings. This was followed by completing the MSc course in Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics (with distinction) at the University of Sheffield in 2008/2009. This MSc course serves as a strong basis for his knowledge in Structural Dynamics, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, from Vibration Engineering to Experimental Dynamics. As part of his MSc course, Hiep completed a dissertation in vibration serviceability of floors for sensitive occupancies under human-induced loading. This dissertation triggered his interest in pursuing further research in the field of human-induced vibration.

Hiep completed his PhD studies at the University of Warwick under supervision of Dr Stana Zivanovic and Dr Mike Chappell. His research project was focused on experimental quantification of the human-structure interaction on lively footbridges, and developing the corresponding numerical model. His findings are reported in the PhD thesis entitled Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Walking Locomotion on Vertically Vibrating Low-Frequency Structures. Currently Hiep is a Graduate Engineer with Tata Steel Projects.

Hiep Vu Dang

Dr Hiep Vu Dang