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Madison McDonald


Madison McDonald graduated from the University of Warwick in July 2010 with a first class masters degree in Civil Engineering. After taking a year out to work a ski season and travel around Australia and South East Asia, she returned to Warwick in October 2011 to study for a PhD under the supervision of Dr Stana Zivanovic.

Her research was focussed on quantifying dynamic loading and human-human synchronisation on grandstands whilst jumping and bobbing, as well as the effect of audio and visual stimuli on synchronisation. The experimental work was condcuted using the Vicon motion capture system in the Gait Laboratiry. Madison's reserach findings are reported in her PhD thesis entitled Experimental Characterisation of Jumping and Bobbing Actions for Individuals and Small Groups.

In her free time Madison enjoys White Water Kayaking, Canoe Polo, Ultimate Frisbee and cheese and wine.

Madison McDonald

Dr Madison McDonald