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Yunyu Yin


In April 1987, Yunyu graduated from the Department of Astronautical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian, where he gained a Master degree of engineering. In May 1987, he came to the Beijing Institute of Astronautical Systems Engineering in Beijing and where he worked until November 2008. In the design group of Attitude Control, Load and Environment in Beijing Institute of Astronautical Systems Engineering, he worked as engineer (1987-1996), senior engineer (group leader, 1996-2003) and researcher (2003-2008). His research is concerned with wind profile design, load calculation, environment design, dynamic design and load identification on many important national engineering projects. In 2002 and 2003 he was awarded National Defense Science and Technology Prizes. He solved the exiting-water load calculation problem of the weak nonlinear elastic beam with the modified mode-superposition method, solved the load calculation problem of strong nonlinear elastic beam moving out of the tube by using the Newmark methods, and developed an internal load identification method for free-free flight rockets. In November 2008, he joined the Science and Technology Laboratory on Space Physics, when he earned the honor as a Senior Professional of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle. He is one of the science leaders of Science and Technology Laboratory on Space Physics, and a member of Editorial Committee of Missile and Space Vehicle. He was appointed a Visiting Fellow in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick (from January 2012 to January 2013).  

Selected Publications

  • The Stability Analysis of Multi-Layers’ Composite Material Cylindrical Shell with Inner Elastic core, Journal of Astronautics, No.1, 1989.
  • Analysis on Inherent Behavior Considering the Connecting Rigidity of Missiles, Journal of Structure & Environment Engineering, Vol.33, No.1, Mar. 2006.
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  • Numerical Simulation for the Failure of Connector Bolts of Rocket Mid-Stages, Journal of Structure & Environment Engineering, Vol.34, No.4, Aug. 2007.
  • The Basis of Load Design for Solid Rocket, China Astronautic Publishing House, Aug. 2007.
  • Effect of the Added Mass on Transverse Response Calculation of Submarine Vehicle in Exiting-Water Process, Journal of Missile and Space Vehicle, No.4, 2008, Sum No. 296.
  • The Analysis for Transversal Moment of Axial-Loaded Elastic Beam, Journal of Structure & Environment Engineering, Vol.35, No.5, Oct. 2008.
  • The Identification Method of Transverse Responding Load for Solid Rocket, Journal of Astronautics, Vol.30, No.6, November 2009.
  • An Identification Method for Transverse Response Moment of Solid Rocket during Free Flight State, Journal of Astronautics, Vol.31, No.7, July 2010.
  • Theory of Structural Dynamics and Identification of Rocket’s Transverse Load, China Astronautic Publishing House, Feb. 2011.

Yunyu Yin

Mr Yunyu Yin