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Research Grants

2020-2022: "Developing advanced vibration performance assessment for new generation of lightweight pedestrian structures using motion platform and virtual reality environments (vPERFORM)", H2020 MSCA IF (HORIZON 2020). Value: €225k. Project coordinator/supervisor: Dr S. Zivanovic.

2015-2019: "Characterising dynamic performance of fibre reinforced polymer structures for resilience and sustainability", EPSRC. fEC value: £901k (EPSRC £721k). Investigators: Dr S. Zivanovic and Prof. J. T. Mottram.

2014-2015: "Development of eco-friendly concrete for sustainable infrastructure", Warwick Alumni Donation. Value: £50k. Investigator: Dr S. Zivanovic.

2014: "Experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of humans on flexible structures", Monash-Warwick Alliance Seed Fund. Value: £20k. Investigators: Dr C. Caprani, Dr S. Zivanovic, Dr N. D. Evans, Dr Y. Bai and Dr I. Laory.

2013-2014: "Dynamic properties and damage identification of partially cracked reinforced concrete structures", Research Development Fund (Strategic Awards), University of Warwick. Value: £22.5k, in-kind contribution by ARUP £10k. Investigators: Dr S. Zivanovic, Dr B. D. Jones, Dr I. Laory and Prof. R. P. Johnson.

2013-2014: "Integration of smart structural design, passive control and damage detection for steel-concrete composite bridges", Higher Education Innovation Fund (Strategic Impact Award) and Demonstrator Fund (Sustainable Cities GRP and CUSP initiative),University of Warwick. Value: £56.5k. Investigators: Dr T. Karavasilis, Dr S. Zivanovic and Prof. R. P. Johnson.

2013-2014: "Synchronisation in crowds", Demonstrator Fund (Sustainable Cities GRP and CUSP initiative), University of Warwick. Value: £2k. Investigators: Dr S. Zivanovic and Dr T. Tjahjadi.

2011-2015: "Dynamic loading by individuals and crowds on grandstands", PhD studentship by EPSRC DTG. PhD student: Madison McDonald.

2011-2014: "Pedestrian interaction with lively low-frequency structures", EPSRC. fEC value: £124.2k (EPSRC £90k). Investigator: Dr S. Zivanovic.

2011-2012: "Pedestrian locomotion and perception of vibration on lively surfaces of different hardness", Warwick-Santander partnership call. Value: £9.5k. Investigators: Dr S. Zivanovic, in collaboration with Cartif, Spain.