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This page contains the electronic format of the data analysed in the following paper:

  • Zivanovic, S. Benchmark Footbridge for Vibration Serviceability Assessment under Vertical Component of Pedestrian Load. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 138 (10), 1193-1202.

The electronic format of the experimental data in form of compressed MAT files is available for download here (uploaded on 16 Dec 2015). To view and analyse the data you will need MATLAB software.

Every effort has been made to present the data in an easy to follow format. In case you need any additional information, feel free to contact the second author using this email address (s dot zivanovic at warwick dot ac dot uk). Before using the data, please read the content of 'Comment' variables available in the data files. If you make use of the data in your own publications, please cite the paper above as their source.