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My lab is the newly started "BioLab" at the University of Warwick. The BioLab research focusses on advancing fundamental designs and applications for systems biology and synthetic biology. Using principles inspired by electrical engineering and computer science, we are developing new techniques for (1) constructing, probing, modulating, and modeling engineered biological circuits, and (2) deriving predictive models for biological networks using omics and imaging datasets. The application areas include:

  • Diagnostics and treatments in cancers and infectious diseases;
  • Software platforms for simulating and analysing complex models of biological systems;
  • Biomass maximization; and
  • Programmable functional organic materials.

PhD Students

  • Sahan Liyanagedera (Oct 2017 - March 2021)
  • Iuliia Zarubiieva (Oct 2017 - September 2021)
  • Joseph Wheatley (Oct 2018 - March 2022)

Project Students

  • Graduate: Nikola Raic
  • Undergraduate: Augustina Adjei, Oliver Foley, Pablo Navajas Helguero, Orestis Neokleous


  • Second Year: Nathan Dixon, Yunxi Ma, Elliot Morgan, Danesh Rasan, George Webb
  • Third Year: Jovan Milojevic, Matt Oosthuizen, Sammy Lin, Oliver Foley, Hashir Azizi, Sofian Chaibi
  • Fourth Year: Deema Mozayen, Reuben Cooper, Srishankar Rajaiswaran, Jack Hegan, Ronak Joshi

Past Tutees

  • Richard Groves, Sammy Hassan, Jack Costanzi, Thomas Pearson (2017-18)

Past Research Staff

  • Postdoctoral Researchers: Dr William Rostain (2017), Dr Mathias Foo (2016)
  • Project Staff: Richard Webb, Joyun Tseng, Elena Tarazona (2018); Aristotle Charmpas (2017)
  • Teaching Assistants: Nipuni Galappatthige, Charlotte Robinson, Iuliia Zarubiieva (2018); Xing Wei, Stella Makri (2017)
  • MSc Students: Shuaifei Huang, Cyrus Chow (2017-18); Islam Fazul (2016-17)
  • Undergraduate Students: John Clarke (2017-18); Sophie Clarke, Ethan Tam, Ben Cox (2016-17); Clara Nicolson, Lina El Menjra, Humphrey Yuan, Ahmed Muzzammil (2015-16)

E-mail me your CV if you would like to join our group.