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At the BioLab, we are happy to welcome both experimentalists and theoreticians.


If you are interested in joining my group and want to apply for your own funding (e.g. EMBO fellowship, HFSP, Marie Curie, FEBS, etc.), please email me your CV.

Graduate Students

  1. Firstly, read up on the application guidelines and check whether you are eligible to apply.
  2. Next, note down the academic fees, living costs, and funding avenues.
  3. Now about the financial assistance for your education programme. The University of Warwick and other organizations offer a wide range of scholarships. Some of the scholarships available through research project funding are listed on the project-based scholarships database. Also, look up your nation-specific programs.
  4. If you are not able to get any scholarship before joining the MSc/PhD program, do not lose heart because several avenues are available to earn a modest stipend once you join the MSc/PhD program on campus.
  5. If you believe you can get your own funding, please email me your CV.