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British Council Knowledge Economy Partnership 2013-14


For the first time in human history, there are more people living in cities than the countryside. This trend is set to grow. One of the biggest research challenges in this century is urban science, which deals with the challenge of how to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and performance of cities. The University of Warwick (UoW) and the Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) are part of an international partnership of 5
universities that aims to devote considerable resources to into urban science. Being on different continents allows the universities to exploit the diversity in city challenges. However, research and teaching coordination across long distances can be difficult. We hope this fund can allow
UoW in UK and IIT-B in India to foster a strong relationship in urban science research and teaching excellence.


  • Assistant Prof. Weisi Guo (UoW) - Wireless Networks and Smart Cities
  • Assistant Prof. Monika Jain (IIT-B) - Urban Planning and Architecture

Project Timeline

  • December 1st to 5th 2013 - Cooperation Meeting in India
    Status: Completed, but delayed from October - Originally planned for earlier, but delayed due to Grant arriving in October and visa delays
    Preliminary Agenda: Discuss University cooperation in research, funding, and education. Specifically related to the pre-established connections with Centre for Urban Science in New York and Warwick's pioneering MSc programs with New York (2014) and our new Sustainable Cities research centre (2014). Learn from IIT-B on their research and practices in Mumbai.

    Day 1 (Sun): Arrive in Mumbai
    Day 2 (Mon): Teaching and Research Vision Talks, Seminars, Computer Science and Building Efficiency Lab Tours
    Day 3 (Tue): Visitor Presentation and Discussions
    Day 4 (Wed): Automation and Robotics Lab Tours, Solar Decathlon Presentation, and City Tour
    Day 5 (Thur): Departure

    [Report from Trip 1] (PDF Document)

  • 16-21 December 2013 - Cooperation Meeting in Warwick
    Status: Completed

    Day 1 (Sun): Arrive in London, Travel to Warwick
    Day 2 (Mon): Teaching and Research Vision Talks
    Day 3 (Tue): EEE and Civil Engineering Labs Tour + Teaching Facilities Tour
    Day 4 (Wed): Visitors' Presentations and Discussions
    Day 5 (Thur): Departure to Tour of London

    [Report from Trip 2] (PDF Document)

  • 02-05 June 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in Warwick
    Status: Completed

    Day 1 (Mon): Arrive in London, Travel to Warwick
    Day 2 (Tue): Presentations to School of Engineering and Discussions
    Day 3 (Wed): Detailed Project Discussions and Working Dinner
    Day 4 (Thur): Departure to Paris

    [Report from Trip 3] (PDF Document)
  • September 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in India
    Status: Completed

    Day 1 (Mon): Arrive in Mumbai, Networking
    Day 2 (Tue): Discussion on Future Project Funding
    Day 3 (Wed): Seminar and Education Discussions
    Day 4 (Thur): Departure to London

    [Report from Trip 4] (PDF Document)