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Urbanisation is one of the fastest growing phenomenons in the 21st century. Cities are defined partly by a dense number of structures, many of which are of critical economic and cultural importance. Some of the infrastructure exists in subterranean environments, whereas others may be difficult to access for historical reasons. As such, wireless monitoring of their structural integrity and other aspects remains difficult on a ubiquitous scale. One of the reasons is the challenge in obtaining reliable data signals out of complex and lossy electromagnetic propagation environments.

This project hopes to use nano-particles to encode and transport data across such an environment. The project builds on an existing research collaboration between Associate Professor Andrew Eckford (York) and Assistant Professor Weisi Guo (Warwick).


  • Assistant Professor Weisi Guo (Warwick) - Wireless Networks, Nano-Communications, Urban Informatics
  • Associate Professor Andrew Eckford (York) - Information Theory, Nano-Communications

Project Timeline

  • February 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in UK
    Status: Completed. 4 research vectors were agreed upon and 3 EU funding frameworks that can involve Canada was also identified for further investigation. 1 EU exchange scheme was proposed as very promising. Link to Advert for Andrew's Talk
  • June 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in Canada
    Status: Completed. 2 collaborative research vectors + 2 individual-led research vectors agreed. Discussed Marie Curie funding options to further collaboration. Discussed professional activities such as editorship and call for papers for future papers.
  • September 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in UK
    Status: Completed.
  • October 2014 - Cooperation Meeting in Canada
    Status: Completed.

Associated Publications

J1. "Tabletop Molecular Communication: Text Messages Through Chemical Signals"
N. Farsard, W. Guo, A. Eckford
PLOS ONE, vol.8(12), pp. 1-13, Dec 2013, IF 4.2
[#7 Impact & Influential Multidisciplinary Journal] [National TV Interview] [Wired Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Royal Society of Chemistry]

C1. "Molecular Communication Link"
N. Farsad, W. Guo, A. Eckford
IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Canada, Apr 2014

C2. "A Molecular Communication Link for Monitoring in Confined Environments"
S. Qiu, W. Guo, S. Wang, N. Farsad, A. Eckford
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Australia, Jun 2014

C3. "Under-Water Molecular Signalling: a Hidden Transmitter and Absent Receivers Problem"
S. Qiu, N. Farsad, Y. Dong, A. Eckford, W. Guo
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), London, Jun 2015