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Data-Embedded-Networks (DEN) Lab

From October 2019: I have joined as Chair of Human Machine Intelligence at Cranfield University
[New Website] My Warwick webpage will no longer be regularly maintained.

Welcome to the Data-Embedded-Networks (DEN) Lab, part of the Connected Systems Group (CSG). Here, my team and I work at the intersection between data analytics and network science for applications in critical infrastructures, smart cities, and multi-scale systems. My lab's mandate is simple: “To use data and network analysis to fundamentally improve the world by 10x.”

The DEN Lab has been awarded over £2.3m in funding (15+ post-doc years) and very grateful for its public funders: EPSRC, EC H2020, Royal Society, British Council, InnovateUK, DSTL, USAF, Lloyd's Register Foundation, NSFC, Alan Turing Institute, as well as commercial support. Details of my research grants can be found Here.

Research Strands
1. Machine Learning in 5G Networks & Infrastructure Services

Data Science Methods for Traffic Demand & QoE Discovery
Reinforcement Learning for RRM & Cell Control
Bayesian Learning for Spectrum Management
Urban Human Demand & Behaviour Discovery
Predicting Non-Linear Dynamic Effects

Funding: H2020, InnovateUK, British Council, Industry

2. Resilience of Complex Networks

Relationship between Non-Linear Dynamics & Topology
Application to Conflict Modeling & Prediction
Application to Critical Infrastructures

Funding: EPSRC, Lloyd's Register Foundation, Alan Turing Institute

3. Molecular Communications

Diffusion vs. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Information Capacity of Fluid Dynamics
Low Complexity and Non-Linear Signal Detection
Prototyping Systems

Funding: USAF, DSTL, Royal Society, NSFC, Lloyd's Register Foundation

Lab Members

My research team started in 2013 and continues to grow. The team was and continuous to be extremely diverse, with people from 11 different cultures and 7 different discipline areas. Below is a list of current members:

Research Fellows (4)

QiWeijie Qi
Project: InnovateUK & Ranplan funded ODIN grant (2018-20). Co-Supervisor: Prof. R. Procter
Topic: Natural language processing for future consumer experience detection in 4G/5G networks

GM1Giannis Moutsinas
Project: EPSRC funded CoTRE grant (2018-20).
Topic: Resilience of networked complex systems

LinLin Lin
Project: EC H2020 MSCA Fellowship (2018-20).
Topic: Molecular communications for Internet-of-Nano-Things


Sarunkorn Chotvijit
5G project to be announced (2019-20). Co-Supervisor: Prof. R. Procter
5G network rollout planning using data science & AI.

Ph.D. Students (14)

GM2Guillem Mosquera
Funder: EPSRC CDT (2015-19): MathSys. Co-Supervisor: Dr. S. Johnson
Topic: Stability of network interactions in human ecosystems

AAAseel Alturki
Funder: EPSRC CDT (2016-20): WISC. Main Supervisor: Prof. S. Jarvis
Topic: Complex network analysis for transportation

MAMahmoud Abbaszadeh
Funder: USAF funded MolSig grant (2017-21). Co-Supervisor: Prof. P. Thomas, Dr. J. Charmet
Topic: Molecular communication in complex environments


Andra Sonea 
Funder: EPSRC CDT (2017-24): WISC. Main Supervisor: Prof. S. Jarvis
Topic: Complex financial information system networks


Yifan Liu
Funder: Faculty Bursary (2018-22). Main Supervisor: Dr. T. Xu
Topic: Machine learning in optical communications

zhunagkunZhuangkun Wei
Funder: CSC (2018-22). Co-Supervisor: Dr. J. Charmet
Topic: Graph signal processing

matteoMatteo Mazzamurro
Funder: EPSRC CDT (2018-22): WISC.
Topic: Entropy process of urban dynamics

600px-no_image_available.pngLanting Zha (External PhD at QMUL)
Main Supervisors: Dr. M. Elkashlan & Dr. A. Alomainy (QMUL)
Topic: Molecular communications

600px-no_image_available.pngTaha Sajjad (External PhD at York)
Funder: LRF ICON-23 (2018-22). Main Supervisor: Dr. A. Eckford (York)
Topic: Molecular tagging for nano-scale security and safety

600px-no_image_available.pngSchyler Sun
Funder: .
Topic: Machine learning for forecasting extreme events
600px-no_image_available.pngMengbang Zou
Funder: CSC
Topic: Machine learning for dynamic networks

600px-no_image_available.pngJunqiu Wang
Funder: CSC
Topic: Machine learning for structural health monitoring

600px-no_image_available.pngPeter Strong
Funder: CDT
Topic: Human migration models

Past Research Fellows/Assistants (5):

Iresha Atthanayake (2017-18), Siavash Esfahani (2017-18), Ahmad Al-Shami (2014-15), Song Qiu (2017-2018), Gerardo Aquino (2017-19)

Past Ph.D. Students (3):

Neha Gupta (2014-18), Song Qiu (2013-2017), Hu Yuan (2012-2016)

Awards in the DEN Lab

A number of academic achievements and awards were won in the past few years, including:

  • Semi-Finalist in Bell Labs Prize 2016
  • IET Award Winner 2015: Communications Category
  • IEEE Best Paper 2014: IEEE CSNDSP Conference (top 1%)
  • IEEE ComSoc Ph.D. Student 2014 - 2nd Prize: Communication Technologies Changing the World (top 5%)
  • Finalist in Bell Labs Prize 2014 (top 2%)

Opportunities at DEN Lab

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in one of the above areas of research. Please

  • Step A - Self Check: I only consider students who have one or more of the following attributes:
    1) graduate from a top university; 2) strong publications at masters level; 3) awards for skills in certain areas
  • Step B - Email me directly with your interest and engage me in a conversation on:
    1) why you want to do a Ph.D. with me, 2) what topics interest you, and 3) your ambitions in 5-10 years.
  • Step C - Funding Opportunities: I will engage you in a conversation on scholarship opportunities (see below).

If all is agreed, you should officially apply in confidence after Step C. Doctoral degrees with me can be highly theoretical, or industrially applied.

Ph.D. Funding Pathways

Warwick University - Chancellor's International Scholarship
Chinese Scholarship Council
Alan Turing Institute
Home-EU Students - Funding is Available

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing a PD fellowship with me, please contact me directly. There are many funding bodies in Warwick, nationally, and internationally; and I would expect that you already have a strong idea of the main thesis of the fellowship. Opportunities:

Leverhulme Fellowship (Feb 2019)
Marie Curie Fellowship (Sep 2018)
Warwick IAS: WIRL-COFUND Fellowship (Fall 2018)
Turing Research Fellowship
Research Grants