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Qualifications and Awards

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and obtained my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice (PCAPP) in 2016. During my PCAPP qualification course, my pedagogy review was focused on transmedia teaching practices, and my final project was focused on incremental assessment methodologies.

I have consistently scored 90%+ positive feedback from my teaching of signal processing and wireless communication modules. I was awarded Best Lecturer by students in 2016 and always teach with energy, responsibility, and enthusiasm.

  • ES905: Advanced Signal Processing (2012-14)
  • ES96T: Advanced Wireless Systems and Networks (2014-now)
  • ES96P: MSc Projects (2012-now)
  • ES3C5 - Signal Processing (2013-now)
  • ES327: BEng Projects (2016-now)
  • ENGR-AD-216 - Analog and Digital Communications (NYU-AD, 2014)
  • Tutorials in General Engineering (2012-now)