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Team at DEN Lab

deb_lab2Members of DEN Lab

My research team started in 2013, and continues to grow. Below is a list of current members:

Song Qiu (PDRA) - Hostile Environment Networks
Vacancy (PDRA - summer 2017) - Complex Networks (CHANCE)
Vacancy (PDRA - summer 2017) - Social Media Analytics (ODIN)
Vacancy (PDRA - fall 2017) - Complex Networks

Neha Gupta (PhD - 3rd) - Smart City Intelligence via Twitter Data
John Gilchrist (PhD - 1st) - Mobile Sensing for Personal Health
Guillem Mosquera (PhD - 1st) - Network Interaction & Resilience
Aseel Alturki (PhD - 1st) - Complex Networks for Critical Infrastructures
Lanting Zha (PhD - 1st) - Molecular Networks [joint with QMUL]
Vacancy (PhD - fall 2017) - Molecular Signaling (MolSig)
Vacancy (PhD - fall 2017) - Molecular Tagging (ICON-23) [joint with York]

Jiaxin Li (MSc) - National Interdependent Networks
Najeeb Kabawa (MSc) - High Speed Rail Wireless Networks

Awards in the DEN Lab

A number of academic achievements and awards were won in the past few years, including:

  • Semi-Finalist in Bell Labs Prize 2016
  • IET Award Winner 2015: Communications Category
  • IEEE Best Paper 2014: IEEE CSNDSP Conference (top 1%)
  • IEEE ComSoc PhD Student 2014 - 2nd Prize: Communication Technologies Changing the World (top 5%)
  • Finalist in Bell Labs Prize 2014 (top 2%)

A number of key publications in IEEE Journals, and IEEE ICC & Globecom, were also published.

Doctoral Degree Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in one of the above areas of research. Please

    • Step A - Self Check: I only consider students who have one or more of the following attributes:
      1) graduate from a top university; 2) strong publications at masters level; 3) awards for skills in certain areas
    • Step B - Email me directly with your interest and engage me in a conversation on:
      1) why you want to do a PhD with me; 2) what topics interest you; and 3) your ambitions in 5-10 years.
    • Step C - Funding Opportunities: I will engage you in a conversation on scholarship opportunities (see below).

    If all is agreed, you should officially apply in confidence after Step C. Doctoral degrees with me can be highly theoretical, or industrially applied.

    PhD Funding Pathways

    • Warwick Unviersity - Chancellor's International Scholarship [Link]
    • Chinese Scholarship Council [Link]
    • EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre for Smart Cities (UK only - 10% International) [Link]
    • Alan Turing Institute [Link]
    • Funded Projects (2 Available)

    Post-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities

    If you are interested in pursuing a PD fellowship with me, please contact me directly. There are many funding bodies in Warwick and nationally, and I would expect that you already have a strong idea on the funding body, as well as the main thesis of the fellowship. Don't come under-prepared.