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XCom Reading Group

Organiser: Dr. Weisi Guo
Hu Yuan
Cake Duty: Song Qiu

What is the Reading Group?

meeting1 The XCom (eXtreme Communications) reading group is a monthly event that allows a number of PG and PD researchers to present to a relevant audience. The primary subjects concerned are information engineering and communications (hence the name of the group). All experimental, analytical, and simulation based works are welcome.

Please read all the information on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or one of my students.


You are expected to contribute a pience of work at least once a season (3 months). A piece of work can be one of the following:

  • a comprehensive critique of a high quality* paper (see footnote);
  • own latest research outcome;
  • a piece of skill** that you think most people do not have, but will benefit them (see footnote).

This must be presented as a technical powerpoint or LaTeX presentation of 15min length, with a 5min Q&A session.

My team will always present regularly, so there is always a baseline activity level. Occasionally we will also have invited speakers, who could end up inspiring you or be your future paper reviewer or external examiner!

There is a sub-page that shows which papers and skill-sets have already been presented. You will also see a register of attendance and contribution.

When I am absent, my PhDs will keep the group in order, provide cake, and document attendance.


*High quality paper is regarded as IEEE/ACM Journal or better (i.e., Nature/Science); or a top ranked conference (i.e., IEEE INFOCOM/Globecom/ICC/ISIT). No workshops. If you are not sure, ask me first. Also check that the paper has not already been presented before [Records]

**A skill must be reasonably uncommon (i.e., not general MATLAB or LaTeX); but can be specific modules in there, or a new software like ArcGIS, SAS, R, COMSOL, that most students do not know how to use. Also check that the skill has not already been presented before [Records]



Spring Term 2016