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Name Attendance
Weisi Guo (Staff) 10 6: R5 P1 4  
Ahmad Al-Shami (Research Fellow) 1 1: R1 1 1: S1
Hu Yuan (PhD) 10 5: R2 P2 S1 4 2: R2
Song Qiu (PhD) 10 5: R2 P3 4 3: R3
Neha Gupta (PhD) 2 2: P2 3 2: P1 R1
Edward Shao (PhD) 3 2: P2 2 1: R1
Wei Zhao (Visiting PhD) 6 3: R2 S1    

R=Research, P=Paper Review, S=Skill Tutorial


[External Speakers]

"Models and Capacities of Molecular Communication" by [Andrew Eckford of York University] [Feb 14] [Funded by Royal Society]

"Ideas for Sustainable Cities - IIT Bombay as a Living Lab" by [Monika Jain of IIT-Bombay] [June 14] [Funded by British Council]

"Bio Inspired Computational Systems - Prospects and Challenges" by [Bipin Rajendran of IIT-Bombay] [June 14]

"Molecular Communication Channel Modeling" by [Nariman Farsad of York University] [Sep 14] [Funded by Royal Society]

"A Hyper-Cellular Network Architecture for Future 5G Communications" by [Zhisheng Niu of Tsinghua University] [Jun 15] [Funded by EPSRC DTC]


"Small Airborne Relays for Cellular Networks: Field Tests & Simulation & Theory" by [Weisi Guo]

"New Noise Model for Molecular Communications in Semi-Infinite Channels" by [Song Qiu]

"Scaling Laws for Heterogeneous Networks" by [Weisi Guo]

"Spatial Distribution for Residential and Business Static Populations and Cells" by [Wei Zhao]

"Coordinated Multi-Cell Interference Allocation Scheduler" by [Weisi Guo]

"Interference Aware D2D Communications and Collision Probabilities" by [Hu Yuan]

"Molecular Pulse Shaping Using Transmitter Side Poison Signals" by [Xiong Can]

"D2D and Cellular Optimal Low Complexity Resource Allocation and Power Control" by [Weisi Guo]

"Stochastic Traffic Models for 3G Cellular Base Stations" by [Ran Zhu]

"Lognormal and Gamma Distributions for Poisson Point and Poisson Cluster Processes" by [Wei Zhao]

"Underwater Rescue: Molecular Communications" by [Song Qiu]

"Chord and Arbitrary Vector's Crossing Probability with Interference Zone" by [Hu Yuan]

"Propagation Laws for Diffusion and Electromagnetic Waves in Lossy Environments" by [Weisi Guo]

"Computational Intelligence Dimensionality Reduction Techniques with Application" by [Ahmad Al-Shami]

"ISI Statistical Models for Error Correction Coding in Molecular Communications" by [Song Qiu]

[Paper Review]

"Detection Techniques for Diffusion-based Molecular Communication", IEEE Journal on Sel. Areas in Communications (JSAC), 2013 by [Song Qiu]

"A Geometric Approach to Improve Spectrum Efficiency for Cognitive Relay Networks”, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Comm., 2010 by [Hu Yuan]

"A Tunnel-based Approach for Signal Shaping in Molecular Communication”, IEEE Int. Conf. on Communications (ICC), 2013 by [Song Qiu]

"Three-Dimensional SOlar RAdiation Model and its Application to 3-D Urban Planning", Elsevier Solar Energy, 2014 by [Neha Gupta]

"Energy Efficient Relaying via Store-Carry and Forward within the Cell", IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, 2014 by [Edward Shao]

"Statistical Model of OFDMA Cellular Networks Uplink Interference Using Lognormal Distribution", IEEE Wireless Comm. Letters, 2013 by [Weisi Guo]

"Group Partition and Dynamic Rate Adaptation for Scalable Capacity-Region-Aware Device-to-Device Communications", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2014 by [Hu Yuan]

"IODetector: A Generic Service for Indoor Outdoor Detection", ACM Conference on Embedded Network Sensor System, 2012 by [Neha Gupta]

"Utilizing Massive Spatiotemporal Samples for Efficient and Accurate Trajectory Prediction", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2013 by [Edward Shao]


"Basic Stochastic Geometry for Wireless Networks" by [Hu Yuan]

"Big Urban Data: Visualizing Residential Population and Heterogeneous Cells for London" by [Wei Zhao]

"Android Smartphone App Programming" by [Ahmad]