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Wanda Lewis - Grants and Contracts

"Stress Computation, Visualisation and Measurement in (1)Design of free-form fabric structures, (2) Fine art restoration and novel artist materials, (3) Digital art/imagery", AHRC/EPSRC, £387,231, 04/07 to 03/09.
"Force Follows Form. Study of Natural Structures, concepts, Analysis and Applications, Awarded by EPSRC (Principal Investigator)", EPSRC, £142,535, 04/04 to 03/07.
"Cutting Pattern Systems (towards filing a patent)", Mercia Spinner (via Warwick Ventures), £5,000, 10/03 to 11/03.
"Cutlass- Design of Tension Membranes", Mercia Spinner (via Warwick Ventures), £11,000, 12/03 to 04/04.