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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Computer resources are provided by the Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC) at University of Warwick and the HPCx Consortium at University of Edinburgh.

Account Sign-up

How to use CSC computers.

  1. Apply for an account on Centrally managed Linux Desktop for scientific computing.
  2. You can use Cluster of Workstations (COW).
  3. Apply for an additional account on SGI Altix or IBM Cluster, if you need High Performance Computing.

Logging in

  1. Run Pegeant program (download from
  2. Choose the 'Add Key' option, and select the 'Private Key File'.
  3. Enter the passphrase.
  4. Run Putty.
  5. For more details,

Remote Access

  1. A simple guide can be found from here.

Any enquiries to Matt at the CSC