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Healthcare Technology Engineering: design, maintenance and assessment

(15 Credits)


The principal aims of this module are to develop a firm understanding of the principles of modern design, maintenance and assessment of healthcare technologies, including: medical devices, novel treatment and therapeutic technologies, technologies for a healthy life-course, systems and environments for care delivery. This module will provide the student with a firm grounding in methods and tools for design, management and assessment of health technologies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Learning Outcomes:

At completion, students will be able to:
• Understand the physical and physiological principles that underpin complex medical devices for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
• Define, list and recognise the main aims, principles and components of these four categories of medical devices
• Characterize, describe, explain, identify, locate and recognize the principal components of these technologies using functional diagrams and block diagrams
• Apply methods to systematically evaluate, design and manage advanced healthcare technologies basing on the best available scientific evidence
• Critically assess the appropriateness of innovative health care technologies by reading a health technology assessment report.
• Participate in multidisciplinary studies aiming to critically evaluate the technological feasibility, effectiveness, utility and cost-effectiveness of a medical device
• Identify, classify, prioritize medical or epidemiological needs and participate in studies aiming to identify the most suitable technological solutions to satisfy those needs
• Participate in multidisciplinary working group for the systematic assessment, design and development of innovative medical devices

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