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PhD Scholarship: Computational Design of Nanomaterials for Energy

Application deadline: Open, subject to the position being filled

Duration: 3 years

The project:

Nanotechnology offers exciting new possibilities for the design of new materials with desired, ‘engineered’, properties. Applications for this span through a variety of fields, from new generation of transistor devices, materials for energy conversion and generation such as advanced solar cells and thermoelectrics, nanosensors for ultra-high sensitivity, optoelectronics and solid state lighting.

This project provides a unique opportunity to perform theoretical research through the use of atomistic and quantum mechanical computational methods, to explore the optimal design of material properties at the nanoscale. It will provide the opportunity to the student to use and develop advanced theoretical methods and computational tools that can be used for the design of new nanomaterials, guide the works of experimentalists, and open the path for new and exciting applications. This PhD project will be aligned with a larger effort to understand electrothermal properties at the nanoscale that will be initiated within a European Research Council (ERC) funded project.

Eligibility: Due to funding restrictions this award is available for well-qualified UK or EU students (oversees students can apply, but need to meet the difference in costs). Other motivated students are encouraged to apply but will need to secure their own funding. Candidates should hold a 1st or 2.1 degree; the ideal candidate will have a Masters Degree in Physics, Engineering, or the Sciences. The project involves solid state physics, simulator development, computation, and material science. The candidate needs to have basic knowledge of semiconductor device physics, as well as computational modelling skills. Experience in high performance computing techniques will also be beneficial.

Funding: The annual stipend will be £14,553 (tax free), for 3 years, with tuition fees paid at the UK/EU rate.

How to apply:

To be considered for this post you must submit your expression of interest to the form and upload your CV.
Note: If you are invited to make a formal application you will be required to fulfil the University of Warwick entry requirements, details of this can be found at