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Dr Xueyu Geng

Geotechnical modelling of embankments for high speed railways

Transportation systems such as high-speed railways have become increasingly important for the economy and wellbeing of our society. High speed trains impose more stringent demands on the engineering performance of the embankment on which they transit than low speed ones. Embankments are subject to both static and dynamic stresses resulting from traffic induced loads. Increasingly extreme climatic variations are causing new problems: recently in the UK a major cause of train delays was due to shallow landslips triggered by intense prolonged rainfalls. Also during the 2000-2001 winter, higher soil moisture contents and pore water pressure resulted in 60 slope failures on roads and more than 100 on railways. Therefore, by understanding the underlying physical phenomena leading to the onset of failures, the project has the potential to provide new design guidelines to significantly improve the performance of embankment infrastructures and reduce their maintenance costs.

The thesis may involve an analytical, numerical and experimental (based on small scale tests run in the laboratory) part.

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