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Engineering Business Management Degrees

A route to management and business roles in the engineering industry.

To be successful in the modern business environment, engineering companies need to provide not only superior products but also superior services. Approximately 70% of companies worldwide are engineering-based. They create a substantial demand for graduates who can demonstrate an understanding of technical engineering subjects as well as the wider aspects of entrepreneurial expertise and strategic business management to provide an interface between such diverse roles as design, manufacturing,

marketing, contract management and supply chain management.

This degree is led by WMG and is ideal for students who wish to pursue alternatives to becoming a chartered engineer. In common with our Engineering and Business Studies degree stream, students begin with two years studying more general engineering concepts but in the third year remain within Engineering to take half their modules from Engineering and half from Warwick Business School. A BEng is awarded to reflect the greater emphasis on engineering.

Degrees offered

3-years Full Time:

HN12 BEng Engineering Business Management

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