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Engineering and Business Studies Degrees

Engineering for many years has been regarded as an ideal background for a career in management, business or commerce. The accountancy profession, for example, recruit many engineering graduates because they have strong numerical and quantitative skills combined with a sound understanding of industry.

In the first two years of this degree you will take modules with all the BEng and MEng engineering students within the School of Engineering, providing a broad study of engineering and technology.

In year three you will transfer to the internationally renowned Warwick Business School and study with their business students, as well as other science students taking degrees such as Physics and Business Studies, selecting modules to gain a wide introduction to the world of commerce, business and management.

There are over 40 business modules to choose from in the third year.

Modules for Year 3 Engineering and Business Studies

The skills acquired will open up a wide range of graduate career opportunities for management or administrative positions within industry or commerce. The degree is ideally suited to those candidates who have an interest in science and technology as well as business but who do not wish to become a chartered engineer.

You may enter the University by applying directly for this degree on your UCAS form, or you may transfer from another engineering course at the end of year two. Continuation or transfer into the third year of this course is subject to performance overall and in the business module in year 2.

Degrees offered

3-years Full Time:

H1N1 BSc Engineering & Business Studies

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