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The Engineering and Business Studies Degree at Warwick

The School of Engineering and the Warwick Business School offer this BSc Honours degree jointly. Students will have the advantage of studying not only with a leading Engineering School, but also with one of the most prestigious Business Schools in Europe. Both Schools have strong ties with many leading local and international companies, as well as public sector bodies and other organisations. The experience that staff gain of real management problems means that they can continually test the rigour, practicality and relevance of their teaching.

A flexible degree

The first two years of the degree have been designed to concentrate on the interfaces between technical and business areas, establishing a breadth of study. For those who have not yet decided whether they wish to purse a career as a professional engineer or in business management Warwick offers huge flexibility throughout the degree. In years 1 and 2 there is choice in both modules and assignments. The final decision on degree choice is taken at the end of the second year. Students can transfer to the Warwick Business School and complete their 3rd year of the Engineering and Business Studies BSc degree, as originally intended. Alternatively they can opt to stay in the School of Engineering and complete a BEng or MEng degree, thus enabling them to become a professional engineer.

Problem based learning

This degree provides a context for the core analytical techniques of engineering and an opportunity to practice these skills on a range of assignments. This problem-based learning approach is offered with a range of applied projects from which students can choose. Students can concentrate on applications relevant to just one engineering discipline such as civil or mechanical engineering. Alternatively students can select a variety of applications in a wide range of engineering disciplines. This combination of theoretical and practical material delivers a sound practical base on which to build a deeper understanding.

Degree outline

In years 1 and 2 the core modules are designed to provide a sound foundation in design, analysis, technology and business, and students follow the first two years of any of the following engineering programmes:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer and Information Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

The optional modules in years 1 and 2 give students the choice to select a module related to engineering, such as graphical design, or a module related to business such as modern languages. This optional module will help students place their engineering and business knowledge in a broader industrial and economic context. Employers have long called for an approach like this, which is designed to create a more rounded graduate, able to adapt quickly to the realities of the working environment.