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Student profiles


Dominic Baillie

School: Sudbury Upper School, Suffolk

I chose Warwick for its excellent balance of course and social life. Warwick offered a broader range of both academic and lifestyle facilities compared with most of the Universities I looked at. Warwick is respected and well known in both the Academic and Business worlds.

The Electronic Engineering course covered a broad spectrum of principles and technologies and compared well with other leading electronics courses.

During my time at Warwick, I was sponsored by a telecommunications company, which provided work placements and a year between my second and final year working as a systems engineer, all of which was supported and encouraged by the university. I enjoyed a great social life, formed a band and later worked for the Technical Services group providing sound equipment and engineering at events in the Students? Union and occasionally the Arts Centre.

After graduation I started work as a projects engineer for Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe. I work in Systems Design and Implementation providing leading edge solutions for the broadcast and associated industries. Since joining Sony I have worked on projects in Israel, Switzerland and currently Portugal as well as a couple closer to home in the UK.

As well as the theoretical side, my time at Warwick taught me how to solve problems quickly and in a structured and logical way, a skill essential to broadcast and communications as well as other industries.


Ben White

School: Kent College, Canterbury

I chose the course at Warwick because I liked the campus and surroundings, and also because the course looked good. In my first year, I managed to get sponsorship from Marconi, following an organised visit to them as part of the course.

At the end of my second year, I was awarded a Farnell Electronic Engineering award, for results in the second year. I then spent a year on an industrial placement with Marconi, where I worked on a project to put 32 channels of telecommunications data down a single fibre. I have now been offered a place on their graduate training scheme, which I have accepted, and which helps towards my Chartered Engineer status. I am now in my third year, and working on a project which involves using ultrasound for a paging system.

I am sure that the excellent links between Warwick and local Engineering companies in the Communications area has helped me both in terms of experience and future employment prospects.

I enjoy an excellent social life at Warwick. It has an extremely active Union, and I was President of the In-line Skating Society, where we organised all sorts of skating-related events.