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What can I do with an Electronic Engineering degree?

Electronics is at the heart of the new industrial revolution. Mobile phones, personal computers and the internet are all based on advanced electronic technologies, and the need for ever-increasing performance in these areas is both challenging and rewarding.

The development of faster and more powerful electronic systems relies on advances in the areas of electronic circuit design and semiconductor technology. Recent innovations in the field of electronics, in particular those that relate to semiconductor devices and microprocessor design, have made dramatic improvements to our everyday lives. This has led to rapid growth in areas such as high-quality audio, digital cameras, car engine management systems, mobile telecommunications, multimedia and satellite navigation, to name but a few.

The main skills involved in making these breakthroughs are circuit electronics, system design, instrumentation and software engineering. These topics are at the heart of the Electronic Engineering degree course at Warwick, which aims to provide the techniques and skills that will be needed by the next generation of electronic engineers.